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I just finished watching いのちのいろえんぴつ (Inochi no iro enpitsu or "Life's colored pencils")! I L-O-V-E-D it so much! Kokubun Taichi from TOKIO plays one of the main characters of this drama and... omg, his interpretation is just so unbelivably adorable!!xD He is such a good actor! I think he should be given more roles in dramas/movies! The girl that plays Toyoshima Kasumi is a great actress as well if you consider her young age! Plus, she has such a cute smile^-^ The story is so sad ó_ò but beautiful nevertheless! It is based on the true story of Toyoshima Kasumi, an 11 year of girl who died of brain tumor in 2003. Kokubun plays Kagawa Kousuke, a teacher who goes to a small city in Hokkaido to teach in a school there. Even though he is already an experienced teacher, the time he passes with these new students make him learn new things about life, strength and friendship... he develops a strong bond with his students, especially Toyoshima Kasumi. In the begining of the story Kagawa is told that Kasumi has an incurable disease and will probably die within 6 months. Her parents ask him not to tell Kasumi her tragic fate so that she can enjoy what is left of her life as an ordinary 6th grade student. Throughout the whole story we can observe how their relashionship develops and how Kasumi's strength and determination don't allow her to give up. In the end, even though Kagawa is the teacher, it is Kasumi the one who teaches him the "lesson of life". It is a drama really worth watching!


The school the where the drama takes place [left] and Taichi-kun running with the kids [right]!xD

First day of class! [left] ...and Kagawa-sensei's cute smile [right]!xD I'd gladly sell my soul if I could have class with such a nice teacher!*o*

Wa! They are doing yomogi dango at school [right]!>< I wish I'd done activities like that when I was in sixth grade too!

A beautiful scene with Kasumi and her younger sister [left] And last, but not least... Kagawa-sensei crying while reading Kasumi's notebook [right]. Taichi-kun moved me to tears in this scene!T__T 
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